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As Sweet as A Poem

The following is the sweetest message I ever received from my user. She's a Thai girl, age 18, who sent me an A4 size card, bearing the picture that you see here. At the back side of the card, she wrote:

Hi there my sweet Sysop.. (hee..hee..)

      Though we haven't got to know each other all that well,
but through all the times that we've been in contact, through
the idea(s) exchanging, through the laugh(s) sharing, I've
really come to appreciate our friendship. That's why this
card is sent to you to wish you everything you want for the
Christmas season & for the new coming year. I'm not talking
about you alone, but I also mean everyone in your family &
others you might love & care for. I doubt whether we'll get
to meet when I go over to your house since you might not be
back yet, but I hope when you see this card you'll know that
you are being wished for all you dream for and every happiness
for today and always.

      I didn't pick out this card myself, but according to my
friends' suggestion. They all said that the picture in front
really looked like me. I remember you mentioned once about
my picture, so I guess this might do. Though it just looks like
me maybe 7 years old, but I believe you could add it up with
your imagination (& my increasing weight) and come up with a
rough picture of this present me. To give you some help, her
characteristic & her smile are said to be exactly like mine..
& also please don't add any prettiness or beauty into the
rough picture so that you wouldn't come up with a wrong one.


                                ...this cute little Jenn...

(I just love her and her English words, they're so perfect.. as if it's her mother's language. She chatted on-line with me, hours at a time. She also sent me several tape cassette containing her sweet voices and words. She's kind of talkative and playful. The followings are two poems I wrote for her):
FOR JENN It's like a dream comes true When I came to know you; In the digital electronic scene Via comm program and BBS machine. You're a young and playful gal I'm happy every time you call; Getting to know you more and more Now I know what I'm looking for. You light up my life and my world And God!, you're a wonderful girl; You give me hope, but shatter my soul I'm afraid I'm just too old. But I can't help this feeling of mine Though I foresee pain there down the line; You might not think the way I think you do And now it's clear that this is true! I'm finding myself, again In bitter agony and fatal pain; I can't help but let it be My pleade to God: "Why me?" It's like the heaven's tumbling down Knocking my head onto the ground; My sweet dream has come to an end Running out of my mind, crying for Jenn! FOR JENN! 23 Dec'89
FOR JENN II (Written using one Thai poem format named "Karp-Yani 11") I know I love you It is true and you know All my actions show and it's out from my eyes As long as world turns, as fire burns and sun shines You are on my mind and my heart's part of you Wherever you are, everything you do I admire them thru my sixth sense, again here With love and my life I will fight for my dear So that you are near.. but what should I do now? Love me if you can, If you can't.., turn me down I'm already grounded Will accept what you'd say Angel of my night And sunshine of my day I wish you'd stay Beside me.. till the end! FOR JENN II 1 January'90

MY DREAM I dream of a happy hut By the stream down the hill; Where I, my love, we both Bring up my Jack and Jill. I dream of simple life We live together there; Right under the sunshine Entwined by fresh, clean air. I dream of waterfalls Which form into our walls; Dividing us from man Doing the best we can. I dream of a pretty girl Who means to me all the world; I'm happy when she's around True happiness I've found. I wake up to reality My dream is still with me; To make my dream come true I need some help from you!
THERE GOES MY HEART Poor red rose of love Your time has just begun; To bloom in name of love But now you're nearly done. My babe's going away Leaving me deep in pain; What more can I say? When all will be in vain. I can't wait forever I can't wait so long; I can't live, either With sorrows so strong. But baby, free you are, Do what you wanna do; I'll realize how far Away I am... from you. Good old times together How I'm longing for! I'll miss you forever I'll still love you more. Bye bye, baby, we part Wish you a happy world; There to the U.S. my heart Goes with my sweetest girl!.
MY OWN When I was two and twenty I thought another way; I thought my time was plenty So I wasted it each day. I had lot of girlfriends And some of them loved me; I was so young that then I just wanted to be free. When I was three and twenty In love again was I; But then, I wanted to be With me, myself and I. I turned away my girl Ended all love affairs; I lived in my own world Wanted no burden to bear. Now I am three and thirty I've already changed my mind; Time has changed me really I shouldn't have been so blind. I should have already wedded It's lonely all alone; But I should not regret 'Cause I chose it my own!
อี เ ม ล เ พ ล ง ย า ว พี่ส่งเมลมามุ่งหมายสมาน เพื่อน้องนางเนื้อนิ่มได้ยิ้มนาน เธอแอบอ่านอีเมวจนเอวเคล็ด เพราะลูกเล่นลูกฮาถ้าว่าไป จะหาใครเทียบพี่..ไม่มีเด็ด! แบบคารมคมคำต้องตามเช็ด ยามทะเล็ดทะลักจากปากมา อาจทะลึ่งตึงตังในบางหน สัปดนสัปดี้บางทีท่า ก็เพราะเสพสัจธรรมไม่นำพา กับบรรดาเกณฑ์กฎทุกบทบรรพ์ ได้ใช้ชีวิตหนุ่มอย่างคุ้มค่า โดยปรัชญาชีวิตที่บิดผัน เรื่องแหกคอกนอกรั้วชอบพัวพัน แล้วก็ดันด้านดื้อและถือดี ไม่เหมือนใครและไม่มีใครเหมือน นี่คือเพื่อน นี่หรือ ก็คือพี่ คือผู้ร่วมอุดมการหว่านวลี ผ่านคลื่นสีน้ำเงิน...เดินทางมา โดยสารเส้นแลนด์ไลน์ร่อนไปทั่ว หากพบตัวสาวงามที่ตามหา หวังว่าเธอคงจะกรุณา ตอบสารารักนี้ของพี่เอย /

คลื่นสีน้ำเงิน = Blue Wave (Off-line Reader) แลนด์ไลน์ = Land Line (สายโทรศัพท์)

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