The Making of 2x2.6m Diorama "Pearl Harbor"

Webmaster's Note:
Well, I wish you could read Thai because "Art Instructor" wrote this story in Thai and it's rather long. Translation into english will take several hours, so I'll do it later upon request only (one or two request would be enough). Unfortunately, we don't have the picture of the whole, finished diorama to show. According to "Art Instructor", the finished diorama has 30 Japanese planes in 1:48 scale flying (hanging) a few meters away in the background, heading to the site. I myself planned to see the real thing at the theatre, but motorcycle accident made me walk with difficulty for around 10 days until I missed the event. You might wonder how much did it cost for this immense 5.2 sq.m. diorama. Art Instructor didn't mention about it in his story, but I knew from him that a model shop's owner (named Mr. Hmao) won the bid for the making of this diorama from the theatre's owner with lowest price, in the range of $2000 - 2400 only. Art Instructor and his team got around one half of that, the rest went for materials & models. Mr. Hmao, though gained nothing monetary, got a big name, big face and big hands.

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