German E-100 - Dragon's No. 6011, released in 1994

The E-100 was one of the most ambitious projects of the German Army towards the end of the Second World War. In order to overcome the weaknesses that appeared in the previous tanks, the Army Weapons Office conceptualized a completely new series of armored vehicles, and E-100 was one of the six basic models planned. With an intended weight of 100 tons, the E-100 was designed by the Alderwerke firm. While utilizing the Maybach HL234 engine and Mekydro transmission, the suspension would be the externally-mounted Belleville Washer type. The heavily armored E-100 would employ the same turret as the Maus, housing a 12.8 cm KwK gun with a coaxial 7.5cm gun. The E-100 never reached production stage. At war's end, the Allies found a prototype without a turret at the Haustenbeck proving ground near Paderborn.