The Modeler Club magazine # 17 published a story about me (see pictures below), which I translated into English as follows:
Talk with Modeller

Modeller for this issue is the same person with the owner of the gigantic Panther from column "The Tank" in this issue, namely Mr. Phaisal Hanbuntrong, a real modeller - real body, real sound whose almost every square inch in residential area is full with finished models totalling over 1,000 items. Khun Phaisal told that his Purchase Record registered around 1,300 models, among these, around 1,200 are finished ones, leaving only a hundred in boxes. Wow, how unbelievable.

What to be very surprised is that the majority or almost all of the models Khun Phaisal did not assemble himself, because several brothers (modellers) helped manage them. So he is more a collector than a modeller, but since he has seen a lot of cute things plus abundant reference in hands, making Khun Phaisal a source of knowledge related to models, who usually welcome fellow modellers who drop by his place to talk and exchange ideas with him while his house is always open for a modeller's visit. For those who don't have the chance or timing, look at the models at Khun Phaisal's house for the mean time. I took pictures almost all around the house. No matter where I walk, every 5 steps I see at least 1 model, even the Water Closet is no exception!.

Asked about the Model Contest 2001 which has just passed, real modeller like Khun Phaisal never ever miss this type of event, he gave comments that the time for publicizing the event for those who want to participate in the contest is somewhat too short, resulting in not much models submitted. Asked about the contest's results, he grumbled that the results for some types look contrary to the eyes, and that next time (the judgment process) should be improved. Standing, waiting for compliments (if any) for quite some time but not yet released, I'd better change subject.

Asked about travelling (seeing several cars in the house) - rain and traffic congestion, engine breakdown, flood on the roads - all very frustrating now in rainy season, Khun Phaisal led me to see his personal vehicle which happens to be a motorcycle, cross-country type, which if compared with the new gigantic Panther he just recently acquired, the price of the vehicle may be only one-third of the Panther, while all the cars I saw are his brother's. Um, quite distinctive.

From rough calculation using the eyes, over 1,000 finished models, mostly middle scale 1/48 to 1/24, the price of the models plus the cost of assembling & painting them, I have to say that if not because of "true love, ready to wed", these things should have never happened. But they did happen for Khun Phaisal Hanbuntrong, this real modeller.

(Story and pictures by :
Mr.Pratak Wongprasert, Editor In-Chief
The Modeller Club Magazine)

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