MMM 2010 Update
Home Sweet Home

4 July 2010 : Today I proudly present a special page - an update of my Military Model Museum. The last time I updated it was in October 2007 or nearly 3 years ago. I've acquired a lot of new built kits during the past few years. Late last month my purchase record registered past 3,000 items! (several hundreds are still unbuilt) It sounds crazy but it's true. And they keep coming.

This is my mother's home. We bought it and moved in in 1975 or 35 years ago. It's a one storey but three levels house measuring 10 m by 10 m, with a skylight dome in the middle. It's situated on 127 sq. wah (508 sq. m.) plot of land, just about right for our needs. There are my mother, myself, my youngest brother, his wife and three sons living in the house. We also have "Sook" a 19-year-old girl from a neighboring country in the Northern part as our helping hand. As for pets, we have two dogs, a parrot, a sharker, and a lot of tiny fresh-water shrimps and tiny peacock-tailed fishes. I also feed free sparrows around my house, they'll wait for me every evening as seen in 6th picture. On earth, there is no place like home, especially like my home. It's such a Home Sweet Home!

First Round - Take a Look Around. The building at the back is called "Show Room":

Second Round - Closer Look at the Side and Back of My House. The bike is my personal vehicle. :

Third Round - Back to Show Room:

Fourth Round - My Own Room - All boxes are unbuilt:

Epilog - Semi-Underground Room:

I hope you enjoy viewing! Comments and suggestions are welcome in my Model Maniac Forum

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