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Public Received Msg # 9 Date Posted: 22 Oct 89 23:55:48 From: David Hanks To: Phaisal Hanbuntrong Subj: New Board The board looks very nice Phaisal. Congratulations on having the first multi-BBS board in Thailand!. Later.
Message #528 "General Message" Date: 07-Aug-89 22:49 From: Sampan Rarionrom To: Phaisal Hanbuntrong Subj: hello Daer pee Sysop, I'm new to BBS world and after some calls to a dozen of BBS, Falcon comes to be my most favorite BBS. As Mr.John Castiglia said, Falcon is the most humanistic BBS in town. ..
Date: 11-28-90 13:03 From: Suriya Matsuda To: Surasit Vannakrairojn Subj: Re: Transfer Protocol Hello and welcome you to the most wonderful BBS in town! Falcon is a bit hard to log on, but if you have time during daytime, that's the best time to get on here.
Date: 04-21-91 22:23 From: Puntudis Thong To: Narongsak Wongsirichon Subj: Re: Janet.Gl ... I can't log on here! The Board always busy. It's too much popular.
From: Navy Sribhadung Area #1 (General Message) To: Alexander Schroder Msg#10311, Apr-23-91 5:15pm Subj: Re: Zmodem vs. Kiddycomp AS> I cannot log on to FALCON each day, so playing global wars is a AS> loosing proposition. Why do so many people have to call FALCON!? Well, it's the best BBS in town, I guess.
Message #718 (General Message) Date: 15-Jun-91 02:53 From: Kamol Hengkietisak To: Phaisal Hanbuntrong Subj: Experiment ... BTW, your board is very busy nowadays. I log on every night for 7 nights and is lucky on tonight.... ... And this board is busy even at 4:30 am...
From: K.c.Lee Area#1 (General Messages) To: All Msg#20859 Aug-14-91 7.26am Subject: hello2 ........ when I am fortunate enough to be able to log on as this BBS is really busy. Must be a good sign!. Well, I've heard and read rather good comments of this BBS and it has been proven thus by such an active and wonderful group of users who call on to this BBS.......
From: Yuttana Luengtawekul Area#1 (General Messages) To: Phaisal Hanbuntrong Msg#21332 Aug-17-91 8.50am Subject: Comment I'm new user, only 3 times call to Falcon. I think that it's very hard to connect to Falcon. I try everyday in this week but I've just success this time. I want to know more about the rule in Falcon. I'll call back again. Thank you.
From:Jakkrit Suttiporncharoen Area#1 (General Messages) To: All Msg#21425 Aug-17-91 10:24pm Subj: Why? This is my third time to logon falcon. The telephone line is so busy. In this week I can't call to falcon. I am not sure why it so busy. If who have technic to logon falcon please tell me Thank you, CU
To: Teerachai Changrattanacha Message # 5817 From: Yutthaphong Chaiyatham Submitted: 16 Nov 91 15:40:00 Subject: Answer your question Status: Public Received: NO Group: LOCAL (1) Sorry for my late reply, but to log on to FALCON is very very difficult. Sometime I try to call 4or 5 days so I can log on only one time....
Chawalit Limsowan, on 08 Feb-92, wrote: Happy birhtday Falcon MS Keep on the good works!, the most favorite BBS in town. (Well, I still keep on doing my good works up to now!, Khun Chawalit. Though ManNet disintegrated long time ago, FALCON is still in service.)
Keys Curry wrote on 06-29-92: I like this BBS. You run it like a pro. Some of the other ones are not so nice...
Witawat Tulyayon, on 06-24-92, wrote: When RTKILL complete I'll upload to your BBS. 'Only One BBS', because I always log on your BBS.
(Sysop/Webmaster's Comments: Reading and keying-in all these mails, how nostalic I am!)

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