Ken - A Third Reich Militaria Collector

I met Ken, a collector of one thing called "The Third Reich Militaria" which includes badges, medals, uniform, weapons, etc. of the German soldiers in WWII. The story began when Ken read the story on The Panther which I wrote in The Modeler Club magazine #17, and he contacted me because he's already sided with the Germans from the very first. He visited my place and viewed my collection, we exchanged ideas and viewpoints. Ken wants to know whether in Thailand there'll be a collector of this kind of thing (see below) or not. I said it would be very difficult to find one, because I myself have never seen this kind of thing on sale anywhere in Thailand. Ken himself (a halfblood Thai-Japanese with a Master's Degree from England) got this thing mostly from England and from Germany. Those who have never studied abroad would have had no chance to collect this kind of thing - and they ain't cheap at all. Thinking so, I sympathize with Ken who will have a difficulty in finding a friend (with same interest) to talk with. (He's already glad he met me, because I have so much tanks, and German tanks come in hundreds). So here I'm publishing his story and pictures of what he collects. Anyone who's interested may contact Ken directly. His ultimate dream is to have a Tiger I, a BMW R75 w/ Sidecar and a Me-262, all 1:1 scale - real thing - in his housing area, which - so to speak - I also have similar dream. But my house is small, so a Panther 1:1 real thing would be just fine!

The magazine stated above also published a story about me

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