M4A1 75mm Early Version - Dragon's No. 6048, released in 1996

The M4 Sherman medium tank was the most widely produced American tank in WWII. Developed to replace the M3, the M4 would incorporate a welded hull while the M4A1 a cast upper hull. Production of the M4A1 started in February 1942, a total of 6,281 M4A1 were produced. The M4A1 was armed with a 75mmm gun in a cast one-piece steel turret, with a co-axial .30 cal machine gun. A .30 cal machine gun was mounted in the bow while another .50 cal machine gun was mounted on turret for anti-aircraft defense. The M4A1 was powered by the Continental R975-C1 engine, and utilized the VVSS (Vertical Volute Spring Suspension) suspension with 12 wheels in 6 bogies. The M4A1 first saw combat with the British Army at the Battle of El Alamein. Its combat debut in US service took place in Tunisia in 1943, and later saw extensive combat actions in Continental Europe. The M4A1's excellent automotive performance and reliability made it popular with US tankers. Though often outgunned by German tanks, the M4A1s still challenged their opponents with favorable results.