Page 33 - Part C

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6 March 2007 : Today I proudly present Model Manaic Page 33 - Part , a fourth consecutive new page in four consecutive weeks!. In this Part "Art Instructor" presents four new armors, a new figure and a new diorama. Starting from Trumpter's M1A1 HA, Mini Hobby's T-72B with Kontakt ERA, SKIF's MT-LB6MB, followed by VP's SS Infantryman 120mm and AFV CLUB's Sturmtiger, and ending with Diorama "Flamethrower Hanomag" using Dragon's Sd.Kfz.251/16 + Zvezda's German Half-Track Crew and Dragon's Panzergrenadiers LAH Division. Same as the previous 3-4 Parts, all pictures in this Part were taken using 'time exposure' technique so as to achieve highest depth of field. As always, I hope you'll enjoy viewing!

I'd like to thank for all kind feedbacks and compliments that we received concerning Page 33 - Part B. They are very encouraging! and they inspire us to keep on producing quality models & dioramas and showing finest quality pictures possible. Comments and suggestions are welcome in my Model Maniac Forum

077 : An Overview of Page 33 - Part C (Index Print)

078 - 083 : Trumpeter's M1A1 HA

084 - 089 : Mini Hobby's T-72B with Kontakt ERA

090 - 095 : SKIF's MT-LB6MB

096 - 099 : VP's SS Infantryman 120mm

100 - 105 : AFV CLUB's Sturmtiger

106 - 114 : Diorama "Flamethrower Hanomag" using Dragon's Sd.Kfz.251/16 + Zvezda's German Half-Track Crew and Dragon's Panzergrenadiers LAH Division

Counter : With the introduction of this Part, the total number of pictures of all Pages = 4,780

Model Maniac Page 33 - Part D is coming. It will take about 2 weeks and will include some of the following items :
- Arsenal's BRDM-1
- Tamiya's German MG Ammo Loader 1:16
- CMK's Bergepanzer Tiger I
- Dragon's M2A1 Half Track
- Dragon's Sd.Kfz. 234/2 Puma
- Diorama "The Force of Steel" using Dragon's Panther G late + Dragon's German Infantry (Ukraine 1943) + VP's German Tank Crew WWII
All by "Art Instructor"

- Revell's EC-135 Heeresflieger/Army 1:35 - by "Chakraphad"
- Trumpeter's Mil Mi-8MT/Mi-17 Hip-H Helicopter 1:35 by "Chakraphad"
- Hasegawa's A6 M2-N Type O Fighter Seaplane 1:72 - by "Chakraphad"
- Trumpeter's Tu-160 1:72 - by "Chakraphad"
- Panzer Kampfwagen IV w/ 88mm Flak 36 - by "Chakraphad"

- Tamiya's British 6 pdr Anti-Tank Gun 1:35
- VP's U.S. Navy Seal 1:16
- Heller's Guillaume le Conquerant 1:60
- Trumpeter's Chinese 548 Huai Nan Frigate 1:350
All by "Tuk"

- Revell's F-18F 1:48
- Academy's F-16 CG/CJ 1:32
- Trumpeter's MiG-29M 1:32
All by "Niphon"

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