Page 36 - Part A

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25 June 2007 : Today I proudly present Model Maniac Page 36 - Part A. In this Part, "Art Instructor" presents five new armors and a new diorama. Starting from two modern armors namely M-1126 "Stryker" and British AS-90 155mm Howitzer from Trumpeter, followed by three WWII armors namely the BT-5 Soviet light tank from Italeri, German Flakpanzer IV "Wirbelwind" from Tamiya, and German Bison II from Alan, then topping if off with a diorama "American Tank Hunters" using the M4A3E8 and US. Army Antitank Team from Dragon. And same as the last dozen Parts, all pictures in this Part (excluding digital pictures) were taken using "time exposure" technique so as to achieve highest depth of field. As always, I hope you'll enjoy viewing!

I'd like to thank for all kind feedbacks and compliments that we received concerning Page 35 - Part D. They are very encouraging and they inspire us to keep on producing quality models & dioramas and showing finest quality pictures possible. Comments and suggestions are welcome in my Model Maniac Forum

001 : An Overview of Page 36 - Part A (Index Print)

002 - 007 : Trumpeter's M-1126 "Stryker"

008 - 013 : Trumpeter's British AS-90 155mm Howitzer

014 - 018 : Italeri's BT-5 Soviet light tank

019 - 024 : Tamiya's German Flakpanzer IV "Wirbelwind"

025 - 030 : Alan's Bison II German WWII S.P. Gun

031 - 038 : Diorama "American Tank Hunters" using Dragon's M4A3E8 and Dragon's U.S. Army AntiTank Team

Some More Pics:

Counter : With the introduction of this Part, the total number of pictures of all Pages = 5,160

Model Maniac - Page 36 Part B is coming. It will take a week or two and will show some of the following items:
- MAX's M-26 + 155mm Howitzer
- Academy's Merkava II Metal Enhanced
- Maquette's Panzer II Ausf. D
- Maquette's OT-34
- Ilaleri's 2 1/2 ton 6x6 truck
- Diorama "German AAA" using AFV Club's Sd.Kfz.251/17 Ausf.D "Luftwaffe" + Dragon's "Achtung Jabo!" Panzer Crew (France 1944) + Zvezda's German Half-track Crew
All by "Art Instructor"

- Trumpeter's Mil Mi-8MT/Mi-17 Hip-H Helicopter 1:35 by "Chakraphad"
- Trumpeter's Tu-160 1:72 - by "Chakraphad"

- Revell's F-18F 1:48
- Academy's F-16 CG/CJ 1:32
- Trumpeter's MiG-29M 1:32
All by "Niphon"

- Dragon's 8.8cm Puppchen w/ crew
- Tamiya's Sd.Kfz.2 w/ crew
- Zvezda's Russian Special Forces
- Dragon's US Army Airborne Normandy 1944
All by "Joh"

- Dragon's Obersturmfuhrer 1:16
- Dragon's SS-Untercharfuhrer 1:16
- Tamiya's Mobelwagen
- Tamiya's Shimakaze Destroyer 1:700
- Trumpeter's Moskva 1:700
All by "Tuk"

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