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19 November 2007 : Today I proudly present Model Maniac Page 39 - Part B. In this Part "Tuk" presents 9 new pieces comprising 3 boxes of figures, an armor and 5 mini dioramas - all in standard scale 1:35. I won't mention the details here because they're there down the page. Now it has become a tradition that all pictures were taken using "time exposure" technique to ensure highest depth of field. Moreover, pictures are now scanned from films by the photo shop - not from prints by myself - for better quality, and this has become a tradition too. As always, I hope you'll enjoy viewing!.

I'd like to thank for all kind feedbacks, compliments and suggestions that we received concerning Page 39 - Part A. They are very encouraging, and they inspire us to keep on producing quality models and dioramas and showing finest quality pictures. Comments and suggestions are welcome in my Model Maniac Forum

039 : An Overview of Page 39 - Part B (Index Print)

040 - 042 : Tamiya's Otto Carius and crew - by "Tuk"

043 - 048 : Tamiya's Russian Army Assault Infantry - by "Tuk"

049 - 051 : Dragon's German Self-Propelled Gun Crew - by "Tuk"

052 - 056 : Maquette's Archer Mk.I - by "Tuk"

057 - 060 : Diorama "German MG Team" using Master Box' German machinegun crew, Eastern Front 1944 - by "Tuk"

061 - 063 : Diorama "Soviet gun crew at rest" using Mini Art's Soviet gun crew at rest - by "Tuk"

064 - 067 : Diorama "Frontier Fight of Summer 1941" using Master Box's Frontier Fight of Summer 1941, German Infantry - by "Tuk"

068 - 071 : Diorama "Hand to Hand Combat" using Master Box's Frontier Fight of Summer 1941, hand to hand combat - by "Tuk"

072 - 075 : Diorama "Kursk Bail Out" using Tri Star's Kursk Bail Out" - by "Tuk"

Supplemental Pictures : B-2 1:144, MiG 1.44 MFI 1:72 and SR-71 1:72 by Armando Rios Elizondo of Mexico. (Armando sent me an e-mail admiring my Website and asking whether he could send me some model pics to be a part of my page. So why not? I have 5 Gigabytes of Web space and so far I have used just over 10% of that. Armando is 28 years old and he's been modeling for 7 years.)

Counter : With the introduction of this Part, the total number of pictures of all Pages = 5,653

Model Maniac - Page 39 Part C is coming soon. It will take a week or two, and will show some of the following items:

- ICM's Studebaker US6
- Italeri's Sd.Kfz.234/1
- Italeri's Sd.Kfz.234/2
- Heller's Samua S35
- Diorama "Checkpoint" using Master Box's Checkpoint
- Diorama "France 1944" using Italeri's Sd.Kfz.10/4 + Tamiya's Kubelwagen
All by "Art Instructor"

- Trumpeter's Chinese "Dalian" Destroyer 1:200
- Trumpeter's U.S. Navy Landing Craft cushion 1:144
- Revell's U212 A Class submarine 1:144
- Academy's P-51B 1:72
- VP's U.S. Navy Pilot WWII 1:16
- Diorama "Get the hell out of here" using Legend's "Get the hell out of here" dio set
All by "Tuk"

- ARII's Diorama Set 1:76
- Tamiya's German Tank Crew (4)
- Dragon's NVA Sapper (diorama)
- Dragon's Soviet Motor Rifle (diorama)
- Tri Star's German The 6 Army (diorama)
All by "Joh"

- Revell's F-18F 1:48
- Academy's F-16 CG/CJ 1:32
- Trumpeter's MiG-29M 1:32
All by "Niphon"

- Trumpeter's Mil Mi-8MT/Mi-17 Hip-H Helicopter 1:35 - by "Chakraphad"
- Trumpeter's Tu-160 1:72 - by "Chakraphad"

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