Page 56 - Part C

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1 November 2010 : Today I proudly present Model Maniac Page 56 - Part C. In this Part "Niphon" presents two modern U.S. warplanes and one WWII Japanese Battleship. Starting from F/A-18E Super Hornet 1:48 from Italeri, followed by F-16C 1:48 from Hasegawa w/ local made decals (RTAF 40000hr), and topping it off with IJN Battleship "Mutsu" 1:350 w/ full option PE/brass upgrade kits from Hasegawa. As always, I hope you'll enjoy viewing!

I'd like to thank for all kind feedbacks, compliments and suggestions that we received concerning Page 56 - Part B. They are very encouraging, and they inspire us to keep on producing quality models & dioramas and showing finest quality pictures. Comments and suggestions are welcome in my Model Maniac Forum

301 - 323 : Italeri's F/A-18E Super Hornet 1:48 - by "Niphon"

324 - 345 : Hasegawa's F-16C 1:48 w/ local made RTAF decals - by "Niphon"

346 - 399 : Hasegawa's IJN Battleship "Mutsu" 1:350 w/ full option PE/brass upgrade kits - by "Niphon"
This is one of the most expensive plastic model kits I've ever bought. (It's second only to IJN "Akagi" 1:350 w/ A/B/C PE upgrade set + Super Detail set, also from Hasegawa which is still in box). The "Matsu" took "Niphon" a year and seven months to finish.

Counter : With the introduction of this Part, the total number of pictures of all Pages = 8,463

Model Maniac Page 56 - Part D is coming in a week or two. It will show some of the following items:

- Airfix's Monty's Humber 1:32
- Mini Art's Valentine Mk.II British Infantry Tank with tankmen (3)
- Dragon's German MG-42 w/ tripod 1:6
- Tamiya's German Panther type G + GreatWall Hobby's German Infrared Night vision Devices
- Dragon's Panzerfahre Fahrendeck mit Gepanzerter Landwasserschlepper Prototype Nr.2
- Trumpeter's German E-50 Flakpanzer
All by "Art Instructor"

- Academy's German WWII Battleship Admiral Graf Spee 1:350 Premium Edition
- AFV Club's German U-Boat type VII B 1:350 w/ Upgrade Set from Voyager
- Revell's German U-Boat type VII C 1:350
All by "Toom" (Art Instructor's big brother)

- Tamiya's Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero 1:32
- Revell's P-47D Thunderbolt 1:32
- Revell's Supermarine Spifire Mk.I/II 1:32
All by "Niphon"

- Roden's Fairchild AU-23A 1:48 RTAF
- Trumpeter's Tu-160 1:72
- Esci's T-54 Serian Army (finished)
- Esci's Ti-67 (finished)
- Tamiya's T-34/76 + Aires' VT-34 Recovery Vehicle Conversion Set 1:35
- Academy's OH-58D Kiowa Warrior 1:35
- Trumpeter's Me-262 A-1a Heavy Armament 1:32
- Tamiya's Japanese WWII Battleship "Musashi" 1:350 w/ local made PE parts (3 sheets)
- Revell's SMS Emden 1:350
- ICM's Markgraft Battleship 1:350
- Trumpeter's Russian Cruiser Admiral Lazarev (Ex Frunze) 1:350 w/ PE upgrade sets from Lion Roar
All by "Tazmanian"

- Diorama "German Cossack Cavalry" using Dragon's German Cossack Cavalry figure set (finished)
- Diorama "Russian Snipers" using Dragon's Red Army Scouts & Snipers figure set (finished)
- Diorama "British 8th Army" using Airfix's multi-pose figure set 1:32 (finished)
- Diorama "U.S. Marines WWII" using Airfix's multi-pose figure set 1:32 (finished)
- Diorama "Dien Bien Phu" using Esci's NVA 1:72
- Diorama "Iraqi Insurgency" using Master Box's Iraq kit 1 and Iraq kit 2
- Diorama "German Offensive" using Zvezda's German Anti-Tank Gun Pak36 with crew
- Diorama "Battle of Hedgegrows" using Dragon's German Infantry "Battle of Hedgegrows, 1944"
All by "Joh"

- Mini Art's German Knights (48) 1:72
- Diorama "Soviet Spetnaz" using ICM's Soviet Spetnaz
- Diorama "Afganistan 1988" using Zvezda's Russian Spetnaz set 1
All by "pjareanwanit"

Some kits in stock that I just can't wait for them to be built!:

- Linberg's IJN I-53 & Kaitens 1:72, a 1.50m long submarine model kit
- Hasegawa's IJN Akagi Aircraft Carrier 1:350 w/ PE Upgrade Sets A,B,C and Superdetail Set
- Academy's German WWII Battleship Admiral Graf Spee 1:350 Premium Edition (another one)
- Trumpeter's Russian Cruiser Pyotr Velikiy 1:350 w/ PE Guardrails & Radar from LionRoar
- Trumpeter's Cv-14 Ticonderoga 1:350 w/ PE BigEdition from Eduard
- Tamiya's Mogami - Japanese Aircraft Carrying Cruiser 1:350 w/ Detail Up Parts
- Tamiya's Mikuma - Japanese Light Cruiser 1:350
- Trumpeter's HMS Repulse 1941 1:350
- Trumpeter's HMS Hood 1:350
- Trumpeter's Moskva, Varyag and Admiral Panteleyev 1:350
- Tamiya's Musashi 1:350 (another one)
- Tamiya's Bismarck 1:350 w/ PE Upgrade set from Eduard
- Hasegawa's IJN Yahagi 1:350
- Alanger's K-407 Russian Nuclear Powered Ballistic Missile Submarine (NATO Delta IV Class) 1:350
The list goes on...

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