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17 December 2010 : Today I proudly present Model Maniac Page 57 - Part D. In this Part "Art Instructor" presents a new truck, a new motorcycle and five new armors. Starting from Medium 3 ton Truck - Coal Engine from Italeri and Zundapp K500 Motorcycle newly-released from Vulcan, followed by five German AAA (Anti-Aircraft Armors) namely Tamiya's 6x4 Truck Kruppe Protze + Tamiya's 20mm Flak38, Tamiya's Horch 4x4 Type 1A + Italeri's 20mm Flak38, Revell's SWS 3.7cm Flak43, AFV Club's Sd.Kfz.251/21 Ausf.D "Drilling" and Trumpeter's German 2cm Flak38 Auf Selbstfahrlafette (Sd.Kfz.7/1 Late) w/ Sd.Ah.52. For this page I planned to take 70 images or about 10 each, but ended up taking 101 images total. That's the good or bad side of digital photography and virtually unlimited webspace. As always, I hope you'll enjoy viewing.

I'd like to thank for all kind feedbacks, compliments and suggestions that we received concerning Page 57 - Part C. They are very encouraging, and they inspire us to keep on producing quality models and dioramas and showing finest quality pictures. Comments and suggestions are welcome in my Model Maniac Forum

401 - 412 : Italeri's Medium 3 ton Truck - Coal Engine

413 - 424 : Vulcan's Zundapp K500 Motorcycle

425 - 436 : Tamiya's 6x4 Truck Kruppe Protze + Tamiya's 20mm Flak38

437 - 451 : Tamiya's Horch 4x4 Type 1A + Italeri's 20mm Flak38

452 - 466 : Revell's SWS 3.7cm Flak43

467 - 483 : AFV Club's Sd.Kfz.251/21 Ausf.D "Drilling"

484 - 501 : Trumpeter's German 2cm Flak38 Auf Selbstfahrlafette (Sd.Kfz.7/1 Late) w/ Sd.Ah.52

Counter : With the introduction of this Part, the total number of pictures of all Pages = 8,961

Model Maniac - Page 58 Part A is coming in a few weeks, probably just in time to celebrate New Year 2011. It will show some of the following items:

- Trumpeter's newly-released LAV III TUA (Tow-Under-Armour)
- Tamiya's old M5A1 U.S. Light Tank
- Vulcan's newly-released Zundapp K-800 w/ Steib Side Car Nr.28
- Dragon's newly-released German s.10cm Kanone 18
- Trumpeter's German E-75 Super Heavy Tank
- Dragon's Sd.Kfz.171 Panther Ausf.D w/ Tri Star's Panzer Grenadiers Vol.2
- Diorama "Horse Drawn Breda" using Italeri's Horse Drawn Breda 20/65 mod.35 w/ servants
All by "Art Instructor"

- Trumpeter's USS Independence LCS-2 1:350
- Lindberg's IJN I-53 Submarine with Kaitens 1:72
All by "Toom" (Art Instructor's big brother)

- Zvezda's Shogun (Japanese Warriors) 1:72 (finished)
- Mini Art's German Knights XV Century 1:72 (finished)
- Diorama "Soviet Spetnaz" using ICM's Soviet Spetnaz (finished)
- Diorama "Afganistan 1988" using Zvezda's Russian Spetnaz set 1 (finished)
- Zvezda's Russian Guard Heavy Artillery 1:72 (finished)
- Mini Art's Roman Infantry IV-V Century 1:72
- Esci's WWII Japanese Infantry 1:72
- Mars' French Artillery, Napoleonic Wars 1:72
All by "pjareanwanit"

- Diorama "Dien Bien Phu" using Esci's NVA 1:72
- Diorama "US Military Police" using Tamiya's US Military Police set
- Diorama "Red Army At Rest" using Trumpeter's WWII Red Army At Rest
- Diorama "Ardennes 1944" using Dragon's German Combat Unit, Ardennes 1944/1945
- Diorama "German Folksturm, Berlin 1945" using Dragon's figure set of the same name
All by "joh"

- Tamiya's Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero 1:32
- Revell's P-47D Thunderbolt 1:32
- Revell's Supermarine Spifire Mk.I/II 1:32
All by "Niphon"

- Roden's Fairchild AU-23A 1:48 RTAF
- Trumpeter's Tu-160 1:72
- Tamiya's T-34/76 + Aires' VT-34 Recovery Vehicle Conversion Set 1:35
- Academy's OH-58D Kiowa Warrior 1:35
- Trumpeter's Me-262 A-1a Heavy Armament 1:32
- Tamiya's Japanese WWII Battleship "Musashi" 1:350 w/ local made PE parts (3 sheets)
- Revell's SMS Emden 1:350
- ICM's Markgraft Battleship 1:350
- Trumpeter's Russian Cruiser Admiral Lazarev (Ex Frunze) 1:350 w/ PE upgrade sets from Lion Roar
All by "Tazmanian"

Some kits in stock that I just can't wait for them to be built!:

- Hasegawa's IJN Akagi Aircraft Carrier 1:350 w/ PE Upgrade Sets A,B,C and Superdetail Set
- Academy's German WWII Battleship Admiral Graf Spee 1:350 Premium Edition (another one)
- Trumpeter's Russian Cruiser Pyotr Velikiy 1:350 w/ PE Guardrails & Radar from LionRoar
- AFV Club's German type VIIB 1:350 w/ PE upgrade set from Voyager
- AFV Club's German type VIIC 1:350 w/ PE upgrade set from Voyager
- AFV Club's Japanese Navy I-19 Submarine 1:350
- AFV Club's Japanese Navy I-58 Submarine Early Version 1:350
- Trumpeter's Cv-14 Ticonderoga 1:350 w/ PE BigEdition from Eduard
- Tamiya's Mogami - Japanese Aircraft Carrying Cruiser 1:350 w/ Detail Up, w/ MAM's brass barrels
- Tamiya's Mikuma - Japanese Light Cruiser 1:350
- Trumpeter's HMS Repulse 1941 1:350 w/ PE BigEdition from Eduard
- Trumpeter's HMS Hood 1:350 w/ Trumpeter's Upgrade set, w/ Eduard PE set
- Trumpeter's Moskva, Varyag and Admiral Panteleyev 1:350 w/ LionRoar's PE Guard Rails & Radars
- Tamiya's Musashi 1:350 (another one)
- Trumpeter's USS Lassen DDG-82 1:350
- Hasegawa's IJN Yahaki 1:350 w/ MAM's brass barrels
- Monochrome's IJN Destroyer Akizuki 1:350
- Trumpeter's USS Massachusetts BB-59 1:350
- Tamiya's Bismarck 1:350 w/ PE upgrade set from Eduard
- Dragon's German Battleship Scharnhorst 1:350 Premium Edition
- Alanger's K-407 Russian Nuclear Powered Ballistic Missile Submarine (NATO Delta IV Class) 1:350
- Alanger's Typhoon Class Nuclear Powered Ballistic Missile Submarine (another one) 1:350
- Aoshima's Japanese Navy Battleship Kongo 1:350
- Aoshima's Japanese Navy Heavy Cruiser Atago 1:350
- Trumpeter's Gato Class Submarine 1:350
The list goes on...

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