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8 February 2013 : Just over a week after the previous Page, today I proudly present Model Maniac Page 67 - Part A. In this Part "Pramuk Kiatjarungphan" presents five new modern warships from five nations. The first one is JMSDF Aegis Destroyer DDG-173 KONGO 1:350 from Trumpeter which he built some time ago. The second and third one are HswMS "Visby" Class Corvette 1:350 from Orange Hobby and Chinese Kang Ding Class Frigate 1:350 from Trumpeter which he built between 22 Jan - 3 Feb. The fourth and fifth one are USS "Freedom" (LCS-1) 1:350 from Bronco and PLAN DDG-139 "NINGBO" 1:350 from Bronco which he managed to finish during 4-7 Feb or 4 days only! Such an amazing build speed. But after this he will take a month or two off to do exhibition project with his friends. As always, I hope you'll enjoy viewing!.

I'd like to thank for all kind feedbacks and compliments that we received concerning Page 66 - Part D. They are very encouraging and they inspire us to keep producing quality models & dioramas and showing finest quality pictures. Comments and suggestions are welcome in my Model Maniac Forum
and in my Facebook Group named Model Maniac

001 - 024 : Trumpeter's JMSDF Aegis Destroyer DDG-173 KONGO 1:350 - by "Pramuk Kiatjarungphan"
The Kongo Class an improved version of the U.S. Navy’s Arleigh Burke class, displacing 9,485 tons (full load). It The largest size among DDG and SPY-1D AEGIS radars equipped on the four faces of the bridge prove a capacity of this type. - The Aegis system's maximum detection distance, the number of simultaneously tracked targets, reaction time and missile range is superior in all points by comparison with the former Tartar system. The ASROC anti-submarine rocket, which is the anti-submarine weapon, along with the Standard anti-aircraft missile, are launched from the VLS (the vertical launch system) which is imbedded in the front and back section decks. The third unit of the class [Myoko] was the first with SM2MR Block III (the Block II was used on the first two ships). They are to receive New ASROC (presumedly ASROC with Japanese lightweight torpedo), and to be fitted with P/S(1)2 12.7mm or 20mm with night vision equipment.

PS. JMSDF DDG-174 Kirishima 1:350 was shown earlier in this page

025 - 043 : Orange Hobby's HswMS "Visby" Class Corvette 1:350 - by "Pramuk Kiatjarungphan"

044 - 064 : Bronco's Chinese Kang Ding Class Frigate 1:350 - by "Pramuk Kiatjarungphan"

065 - 088 : Bronco's USS "Freedom" (LCS-1) 1:350 - by "Pramuk Kiatjarungphan"

PS. Trumpeter's USS Independence LCS-2 1:350 - by "Toom" was shown earlier in this page

089 - 122 : PLAN DDG-139 "NINGBO" 1:350 - by "Pramuk Kiatjarungphan"
In 2002 China signed a contract with Russia to purchase an additional two Sovremenny class destroyers worth US$1.4 billion. These ships were improved Project 956EM variant with improved weapon systems.The second hull 139 Ningbo was launched in July 2004 but the scheduled delivery date was postponed to September 2006 due to a fire accident that took place onboard the ship in April 2005. The Sovremenny class is a typical Cold War-era Soviet design, with a large amount of weapon systems and sensors, as well as sophisticated electronic warfare and countermeasures (EW/ECM) equipments. The ship has a tall, large profile with all weapon systems and sensors \ exposed externally, increasing the ship’s radar cross section significantly.
As a multirole destroyer mainly designed for the surface strike mission, the Sovremenny class is only equipped with basic self-defence antisubmarine weapons. The ship lacks the large and expensive towed sonar array and antisubmarine missile system that are commonly found on US and Japanese warships.

Counter : With the introduction of this Part, the total number of pictures of all Pages =13,066

Model Maniac - Page 67 Part B is coming very soon and will show some of the following items:

- Bronco's M1114 Up-Armored HA (Heavy) Tactical Vehicle
- Trumpeter's M1078 Light Medium Tactical Vehicle (LMTV) Standard Cargo Truck
- Trumpeter's Canadian AVGP Grizzly (Late)
- Zvezda's BTR-70 w/ MA-7 Turret
- Trumpeter's JGSDF Type 99 HSP
- Hobby Boss's PLA ZBL-09 Snow Leopard IFV (Digital Camo)
- Figure "Adolf Hitler 1939-1945" 1:32 (54mm)
All by "Art Instructor"

- Figures : Schnellboot Crew using ICM figure set
- Vignette "Getting Some Kick" (Soviet Soldier & his captive)
- Figure : U.S. Infantry Private '68 (resin)
- Figure : U.S. Infantry Sergeant '68 (resin)
- Vignette "USMC Officer & RTO, Vietnam" (2 resin figures w/ base)
- Diorama "Head for the Huey" using Master Box's figure set
- Diorama "Countryside Woman, Russia" using Stalingrad's Russian Woman w/ Buckets + Bastion35's Countryside Well
- Figure : General Yamamoto 1:32 (white metal, Hasegawa's) (re-paint)
- Figure : Smoking German Infantry 1:9 (200mm) (resin)
- Figure : Sexy Girl Soil Anime 1:6 (resin)
All by "Pinut Jareanwanit" or "PJ"

- Orange Hobby's Swedish Navy Visby Class Corvette "Harnosand" 1:350
- Hobby Boss's German Navy Submarine Type VII B 1:350
- Bronco's German Long-Range Submarine U-IX C 1:350
- Tamiya's Patrol Boat River "PBR" Pibber 1:35
- Revell's German Wiesel Ozelot 1:35
- Airfix's F-86F 1:72
- Zvezda's Su-33 1:72
- Orange Hobby's Russian Corvette "Steregushchy" 1:350
- MonoChrome's IJN Destroyer "Akizuki" 1942 1:350
- Dragon's German Z-39 Destroyer 1:350
All by "Toom" (Art Instructor's big brother)

- Amodel's Mil Mi-10K 1:72
- Italeri's F-86F 1:32
- Trumpeter's F-100D 1:32
All by "Nipon"

- Alanger's K-407 Russian Nuclear Powered Ballistic Missile Submarine (NATO Delta IV Class) 1:350
By "Pramuk Kiatjarungphan"

- Figures: Late Imperial Legion 1:72 using Italeri's figure set
- Figures: French Mounted Knights 1:72 using Mini Art's figure set
- Warship : Aoshima's Roman Warship
- Figures :Waterloo's Greek Cavalry 1:72
- Aricraft : Trumpeter's Chinese JL-8/K-8 1:72
- Figures : Italeri's Japanese M92 Light Howitzer & Anti-Tank Team 1:72
- Figures : Mini Art's Soviet Tank Crew at Rest
- Diorama "20th Waffen Grenadier Division" using Dragon's figure set
- Diorama "Monte Cassino Defenders" uisng Dragon's figure set
All by "Joh"

- Roden's Fairchild AU-23A 1:48 RTAF
- Trumpeter's Tu-160 1:72
- Tamiya's T-34/76 + Aires' VT-34 Recovery Vehicle Conversion Set 1:35
- Academy's OH-58D Kiowa Warrior 1:35
- Trumpeter's Me-262 A-1a Heavy Armament 1:32
- Tamiya's Japanese WWII Battleship "Musashi" 1:350 w/ local made PE parts (3 sheets)
- Revell's SMS Emden 1:350
- ICM's Markgraft Battleship 1:350
- Trumpeter's Russian Cruiser Admiral Lazarev (Ex Frunze) 1:350 w/ PE upgrade sets from Lion Roar
All by "Tazmanian"

Some kits in stock that I just can't wait for them to be built!:
- Academy's German WWII Battleship Admiral Graf Spee 1:350 Premium Edition (another one)
- Trumpeter's Russian Cruiser Pyotr Velikiy 1:350 w/ PE Guardrails & Radar from LionRoar
- AFV Club's German type VIIB 1:350 w/ PE upgrade set from Voyager
- AFV Club's German type VIIC 1:350 w/ PE upgrade set from Voyager
- AFV Club's German type VIIC/41 1:350
- AFV Club's German type VIID 1:350
- AFV Club's Japanese Navy I-19 Submarine 1:350 w/ I-19 Detail Up from AFV Club
- AFV Club's Japanese Navy I-58 Submarine Early Version 1:350
- Trumpeter's Cv-14 Ticonderoga 1:350 w/ PE BigEdition from Eduard
- Tamiya's Mogami - Japanese Aircraft Carrying Cruiser 1:350 w/ Detail Up, w/ MAM's brass barrels
- Tamiya's Mikuma - Japanese Light Cruiser 1:350
- Trumpeter's HMS Repulse 1941 1:350 w/ Upgrade Set from Lion Roar and Wooden Deck from MK1
- Trumpeter's HMS Hood 1:350 w/ Trumpeter's Upgrade set, Eduard PE set and Wooden Deck from MK1
- Trumpeter's Moskva, Varyag and Admiral Panteleyev 1:350 w/ LionRoar's PE Guard Rails & Radars
- Tamiya's Musashi 1:350 w/ Wood Deck from MK1
- Trumpeter's USS Lassen DDG-82 1:350
- Hasegawa's IJN Yahaki 1:350 w/ MAM's brass barrels
- Monochrome's IJN Destroyer Akizuki 1:350
- Trumpeter's USS Massachusetts BB-59 1:350
- Tamiya's Bismarck 1:350 w/ PE upgrade set from Eduard and Wooden Deck DX from MK1
- Alanger's Typhoon Class Nuclear Powered Ballistic Missile Submarine (another one) 1:350
- Aoshima's Japanese Navy Battleship Kongo 1:350
- Aoshima's Japanese Navy Heavy Cruiser Atago 1:350
- AFV Club's Gato Class Submarine 1941 1:350
- AFV Club's Gato Class Submarine 1942 1:350
- AFV Club's Gato Class Submarine 1943 1:350
- Tamiya'a Japanese Navy Submarine I-400 w/ Voyager's PE Upgrade Set 1:350
- Aoshima's Japanese Navy Submarine I-41 w/ Landing Crafts 1:350
- Pit Road's IJN Escort UKURU Type-A 1:350
- Pit Road's SSN-571 Nautilus 1:350
- Hobby Boss' Italian Heavy Cruiser Pola (1941)
- Hobby Boss' U.S.S. Virginia SSN-774 1:350
- Hobby Boss' German Navy Type VII-B U-Boat 1:350
- Monochrome's German Heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen 1:350 w/ Wooden Deck from MK1
- Airfix's Trafalgar Class Submarine 1:350
- Dragon's U.S.S. Yorktown (CG-48) + Soviet Alfa 1:350
- Dragon's German Z-39 Destroyer 1:350 Smart Kit with Basic Parts Upgrade Set from Orange Hobby
- Mirage's U-511 IXC (turn I + WGr42) German Submarine 1:350
- Mirage's U-176 IXC (turn II) German Submarine 1:350
- Hobby Boss's DKM Type VII-A U-Boat 1:350
- Hobby Boss's German Navy Type VII-B U-Boat 1:350
- Hobby Boss's DKM Navy Type VII-C U-Boat 1:350
- Hobby Boss's DKM Navy Type IX-A U-Boat 1:350
- Hobby Boss's DKM Type IX-B U-Boat 1:350
- Hobby Boss's DKM Navy Type IX-C U-Boat 1:350
- Aoshima's Heavy Cruiser "Chokai 1942" Takao Class 1:350
- Zvezda's Russian Battleship "Borodino" 1:350
- Trumpeter's German Zerstorer Z-25, 1944 1:350
- Dragon's U.S.S. Gearing DD-710 (1945) 1:350
- Dragon's U.S.S. The Sullivans DDG-68 1:350
- Dragon's U.S.S. Laffey DD-459 1942 1:350
- Bronco's German Long Range Submarine U-IXC 1:350
- Trumpeter's PLA Navy 051C DDG-115 Shenyang 1:350
- Trumpeter's PLAN Type 033 Submarine & SH-5 Observation Seaplane 1:350
- Hobby Boss's PLAN Type 035 Ming Class Submarine 1:350
- Bronco's Chinese 039G "Sung" Class Attack Submarine 1:350
- Bronco's Russian Akula II Class Submarine 1:350
- Academy's U.S.S. Reuben James FFG57 (Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigate) 1:350
- AFV Club's USN Submarine Guppy IB Class (Italian Navy SS Leonardo Da Vinci) 1:350
- Hasegawa's IJN Destroyer Type Koh "Isokaze" Super Detail 1:350
- Trumpeter's USS England DE-635
- Micro-Mir's WWII Soviet Submarine K-21 1:350
- Italeri's U-Boot Biber 1:35 - FineMolds' IJN Midget Submarine A-Target Type A "Sydney Bay" 1:72
- Riich's USS Los Angeles Class Flight III (688 Improved) Attack Submarine 1:350
- ICM's "Kronprinz" WWI German Battleship 1:350
- Zvezda's K-3 November Class Nuclear Submarine 1:350
- Bronco's Russian Project 955 "Borei" Yuri SSBN Submarine 1:350
- Trumpeter's USSR Aircraft Carrier MINSK 1:550
- Hobby Boss's USS Los Angeles Class SSN-688/VLS/688I 1:350
- Bronco's USS "Freedom" (LCS-1) 1:350
- Orange Hobby's Sweden Navy Visby Class Corvette "Harnosand" 1:350
- Orange Hobby's Russian Corvette Steregushchiy 1:350
- Monochrome's IJN Destroyer "AKIZUKI" 1942 1:350
- Italeri's Vosper 72' 6" MTB 77 1:35
- Hobby Boss's French Surcouf Submarine Cruiser 1:350
- Hobby Boss's Soviet Victor III Class (Project671R) 1:350
- Planet Model's U-Boot Typ II D 1:200
- Mirage's I-506 U-IX D1 Turn IV 1:400

- Trumpeter's F-100D 1:32
- Trumpeter's A-10A/N 1:32
- Italeri's F-86F 1:32
- Trumpeter's Grumman F4F-3 "Wildcat" 1:32
- Academy's MiG-29AS Slovak Air Force 1:48
- Hobby Boss' F-105 G "thunderchief" 1:48
- Hobby Boss' MiG-17 PFU Fresco E 1:48
- Amodel's Mil Mi-10K Soviet "Flying Crane" Helicopter 1:72
- Zvezda's Mil Mi-24V/VP Hind E 1:72
- Zvezda's Mil Mi-35M Russian Attack Helicopter 1:72
- Zvezda's Sukhoi Su-30KN Russian Multirole Fighter 1:72
- Zvezda's Sukhoi Su-33 Flanker-D 1:72
- Italeri's Sukhoi Su-34 1:72
- Zvezda's Sukhoi Su-50 (T-50) 1:72
- Hasegawa's MiG-29 Fulcrum "Russian MiGs" 1:72
- Hasegawa's MiG-21 & MiG-17 Combo 1:72
- Italeri's F/A-18 Hornet 1:72
- Italeri's F-104G Starfighter 1:72
- Italeri's F-15C 1:72
- Italeris' B-25G 1:72
- Meng's F-102A (Case X) 1:72
The list goes on...

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