Fellow Modeler's Collection
A Man With So Many Arms & Toys

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26 October 2013 : Today I proudly present a special page showing arms and toys collection of a fellow modeler friend named Khun Thitiporn Suwanying. He retired from police profession early this month and invited me for a visit to his home which is just 4-5 kms away from my home. Unlike me who collect only military models and little else, he collects so many things in great number. His collection items include firearms (he has 94 guns short and long, real ones), automobiles (VW Beetle x1, Mini Cooper x1, Mazda MX-5 x3), cameras, lenses, tripods, camera bags, high-power flashlights, knives & pocket knives, pens & pencils, books & magazines, BB and HQ replica guns and also plastic models/RC toys. I could only made an extensive cover on his pocket knives in this visit. I hope you enjoy viewing.

This is the two gifts that Khun Thitiporn kindly gave to me:

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