Yak 38 "Forger A" - by A Korean Company

Specifications :
Type : Light VTOL Shipboard Strike Fighter
Powerplant : One 16500 lb. class lift/cruise engine and two 5500 lb. Koleslov Lift Jets
Performance : Maximum speed at 36000 ft. 800 MPH or Mach 1.2 at sea level 650 MPH or Mach 0.85; service ceiling 46000 ft; combat radius 150 miles
Dimensions : Span 23 ft., Length 49 ft. 2 in., Height 10 ft. 6 in., wing area 170 sq. ft.
Armament : Four external pylons for UIP to 2200 lb. of stores including AA-8 "APHID" air to air missiles and gun pods.
Operator : USSR/UDSSR
The Yak-38 is positioned on the modern Soviet Kiew-class Nuclear Carriers and prepared for vertical takeoff in a very short time to defend the ships against other attack-aircraft or Lockheed P-3's with their harpoon missiles. It can be compard with the AV-8 Harrier of the U.S. Navy.